Fall 2015 Portfolio Review Information and Applications

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Graphic Design Portfolio Review Information and Application

Studio Art / Art Education Portfolio Review Information and Application


Portfolio Reviews Not Conducted Summer

Portfolio Review General Overview

The SCSU art department portfolio review is for students applying for admittance to an art major (with the exception of art history which does not require a portfolio review). The process involves submitting a written application, installation of artwork for review and an interview with Art Department faculty. Those who pass the review are eligible for admission to an art major assuming they meet all other criteria.

Portfolio reviews are conducted once per semester, excluding summer. There is one review for the graphic design program, and one review for the studio art / art education programs.

The portfolio review process is designed to present an overview of the student’s first year foundation courses. To participate in the portfolio review process, students should have completed or currently be enrolled in the following foundations courses (101, 102, 103, 104, 105). However, if students have independent work which provides evidence of the full range of foundations experiences, they may apply at a time when most of their foundations courses are completed. Please consult with your advisor prior to portfolio review if you plan on applying earlier in your foundations experience. This is important because per department policy, students can only apply twice for the portfolio review.

Students are encouraged to attend the information meeting prior to the review and/or asking questions of their advisor prior to submitting the application.

Requirements and Eligibility

A portfolio review is required for all students intending to major in the following art majors:

BA Art Major

BFA Studio Art Major:

  • 2D Media Concentration
  • 3D Media Concentration
  • Graphic Design Concentration
  • Integrated Media Concentration

BS Art Education Major


Information meeting

A faculty representative will host a meeting at the beginning of the review process to describe the process and answer questions. The application materials will be available on-line within the first few weeks of the semester.

Portfolio Submission and Interview

  • Students submit required paperwork by deadlines.
  • Students install portfolio artwork at the time and place assigned.
  • Interview is conducted with 1-2 art faculty. This interview is scheduled when submitting written application.
  • The reviewing faculty will recommend a 'pass' or 'no pass' status based on the required paperwork, artwork submission and interview.

Criteria for a successful portfolio review

The portfolio should show a full range of the highest quality work produced from foundation courses or independent work experience that show quality and experience in observational and creative drawing, 2D, 3D, computer studio work. This should be work representing a college level foundation experience. If the student applicant has taken any SCSU upper-level studio courses then representative work from the class should to be included in the presentation.

  • Presentation: Work is to be presented in a professional manner. Student will install artwork on a wall space approximately 4 or 5 feet wide. The name of the presenter is to be clearly labeled. Project titles and descriptions should be used where appropriate and be easily readable.
  • Interview: The successful interview will demonstrate an understanding of the process of studio work and a commitment appropriate to the student’s major area/concentration.

What if I don't pass the portfolio review?

  • If an applicant has received one no pass status decision they may re-apply for the portfolio review in the subsequent semester. One must pass a second review unconditionally before acceptance to the major. 
  • An applicant that has not passed after participating in two review processes is ineligible for an art major. A faculty member will meet with the applicant and provide guidance on options available including information for an art minor program. Students can appeal the outcome of the portfolio review with the art department chairperson.


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