Studio Art / Art Education Portfolio Review

Each student will meet with one or two art faculty for a 15-20 minute interview. The interview will include a short discussion based on the following questions. The students will be expected to discuss their work and expectations. Why do you consider these works to be your strongest?

    • Choose a piece and tell us your main concept behind the project and what is conveyed in the work.
    • How do you think your work improved this year and how do you hope to further improve you work?
    • Describe your process. What's most exciting to you about making art?
    • What are you looking at to stimulate your art-making process? Do you have other interests that influence your work?
    • What are you currently considering as a major and why?
    • Do you have any questions for us?
      Stage II - The successful interview will demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the process of studio work.



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