Anthropology Faculty: Emily Schultz

Emily Schultz

Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D. Indiana University

I am a cultural anthropologist with major interests Emily Schultzin language, political economy and science.  My original field research in 1976 was on ethnic identity change in northern Cameroon. At various times over the last 30 years, I have also lived and worked in Latin America (Venezuela, Ecuador, and Costa Rica). I have published a book comparing the theories of the anthropological linguist Benjamin Whorf and the Russian literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin. More recently, I have begun to focus on challenges to traditional “four-field” North American anthropology, writing about ways in which the concept of niche construction might be used to reformulate connections between evolutionary biology and ecology and cultural anthropological studies of social, cultural, and political change. I am also the coauthor of three textbooks in anthropology. One text, Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition, is now in its seventh edition, and has been translated in Japanese, Italian, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, and Macedonian.

My courses:

I have taught introductory general anthropology and introductory cultural anthropology on a regular basis for most of my career.  In addition, at St. Cloud State University, I regularly teach courses on linguistic anthropology, the anthropology of globalization, the anthropology sex and gender, and the anthropology of food. I recently developed a new course on the anthropology of science and technology. From time to time I have also taught courses on Society and Culture in Latin America and Society and Culture in Africa.

Selected Publications and Papers:

  • Resolving the Anti-Anti-Evolutionism Dilemma. American Anthropologist. 111(2): 224-237..
  • Anthropology: What Does It Mean to Be Human? With Robert H. Lavenda. Oxford University Press, 2008 (second edition, forthcoming)..
  • Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology. With Robert H. Lavenda. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Co. (2000; second edition 2003, McGraw-Hill; third edition 2006; fourth edition 2009)
  • Anthropology. With Robert H. Lavenda. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Co. (1995; second edition 2007; third edition 2001)
  • Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition. With Robert H. Lavenda. St. Paul: West Publishing Company.  (1987; second edition 1990; third edition 1995, Mayfield Publishing Company; fourth edition 1997; fifth edition 2001; sixth edition 2005, Oxford University Press; seventh edition, 2009.
  • Dialogue at the Margins: Whorf, Bakhtin, and Linguistic Relativity. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 1990.
  • “Niche Construction and the Constructing of Niches: Missed Opportunities in the Study of Cultural Change.” Paper presented at the Fourth Annual Conference on recent work in Biology and Philosophy: The Evolution of Cognition: Niche Construction, Culture, and Environmental Complexity. April 23-24, 2005. Duke University.
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