Anthropology Faculty: Thomas E. O'Toole

Thomas E. O'TooleThomas E. O'Toole

Professor of Anthropology

Teaching and Research Interests

My teaching interests are closely linked to my research interests.  I continue to be involved in African Studies and have just published the 4th edition of The Historical Dictionary of Guinea with Janice Baker.  I continue to seek ways to assist undergraduates to become aware of critical theory in social science from a global perspective.  With Dr. Gail Hughes I have just published Global Social Science: A Critical Theory Perspective.  Finally I continue to read, teach and think about the “birth” of new ethnic groups in both contemporary and historical perspectives

My Courses

I regularly teach Introductory Cultural Anthropology, Human Ecology, Peoples and Cultures of Asia, and Indians of the Americas in the Anthropology program as well as courses in the Social Science and Social Studies program especially Elements of Social Science

Selected Publications

Historical Dictionary of Guinea, 4th ed., Lanham MD: Scarecrow Press, 2005 (1st ed. 1978, 2nd ed. 1987, 3rd ed. 1995)

Global Social Science: A Critical Perspective, Aurora CO:  Davies Group Publishers, 2005

Global Economics, Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1991

Economic History of the United States, Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1990

The Central African Republic: The Continent's Hidden Heart, Boulder, CO:     Westview Press, 1986


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