Anthropology Faculty:Mark P. Muñiz

Dr. Mark P. Muñiz

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

mpmuniz@stcloudstate.eduMark Muñiz

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder

I am an archaeologist with interests in cultural resource management, prehistoric lithic technology, the Paleoindian period, hunter-gatherer societies, and geoarchaeology.  My research includes: analyzing risk management as expressed in lithic technological organization for the late Paleoindian period on the High Plains; geoarchaeological analysis of the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in Florida; prehistoric occupation in eastern Colorado from Clovis to the Central Plains Tradition; and current excavation at the Hudson-Meng site, Nebraska.  As a CRM archaeologist I have worked in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota for a private firm, a non-profit museum, a state archaeology office, and as an independent contractor. 

The courses I am currently teaching are Hunter-Gatherers (ANTH 390) and Cultural Resource Management (ANTH 438/538) and I will offer Lab Methods in Archaeology (ANTH 431/531) and a Survey of World Prehistory (ANTH 130) course next semester.  I believe that archaeology, and especially CRM archaeology, should be well founded in anthropology and endeavor to incorporate all four subfields of our discipline as appropriate.

Selected Publications:

Exploring Technological Organization and Burial Practices at the Paleoindian Gordon Creek Site (5LR99), Colorado. Plains Anthropologist 49:253-279 (2004).

Preliminary Results of Excavations and Analysis of Little River Rapids: A Prehistoric Inundated Site in North Florida.  Current Research in the Pleistocene 15: 48-49 (1998).

Muñiz, Mark P. and C. Andrew Hemmings. A Bolen-aged Hearth.  In The First Floridians and Last Mastodons: The Page-Ladson Site in the Aucilla River, edited by S. David Webb, Springer Publishing Co. (2006)

Muñiz, Mark P., Steven R. Holen, and David W. May Results of Recent Survey Along the Arikaree River Drainage, Eastern Colorado.  Accepted by Southwestern Lore for upcoming publication.

Holen, Steven R. and Mark P. Muñiz. A Flattop Chalcedony Clovis Biface Cache from Northeast Colorado.  Current Research in the Pleistocene 22: 49-50 (2005).

Selected Technical Reports:

An Intensive Survey of a Proposed GF&P Tree Planting at LaFramboise Island, Hughes County, South Dakota.  South Dakota Archaeological Research Center (2005).    

An Intensive Cultural Resources Survey of Proposed Park Improvements at West Pollock Recreation Area, Campbell County, South Dakota.  South Dakota Archaeological Research Center, Contract Investigations Series Report No. 1985 (2005).

Results of a Shoreline Survey of Swanson Reservoir, Hitchcock County, Nebraska.  Denver Museum of Nature & Science Technical Report 2005-5 (2005).

Results of a Shoreline Survey of Red Willow Reservoir, Frontier County, Nebraska.  Denver Museum of Nature & Science Technical Report 2005-4 (2005).

Cutbank Survey of the Norton Reservoir, Norton County, Kansas.  Denver Museum of Nature & Science Technical Report 2005-01 (2005).

Microwear Analysis of Lithic Artifacts from the Gordon Creek Burial Site (5LR99), Colorado.  Technical report submitted to the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, on file with the author (2003).

Muñiz, Mark P. and Steven R. Holen. The Arikaree River Survey: Class III Survey of 3500 acres in Kit Carson, Lincoln, and Yuma Counties, Colorado.  Denver Museum of Nature & Science Technical Report 2005-02 (2005).

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