Anthropology Faculty: Debra L. Gold

Debora L. GoldDebra L. Gold

Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D. University of Michigan.

I am a North American archaeologist and a bioarchaeologist.  I have conducted research in the Southeastern United States (primarily Virginia) and Minnesota.  In Virginia, I study the Native American people who lived in interior Virginia prior to the arrival of Europeans.  I study a time period of approximately 700 years, focusing on patterns of diet and health and how these changed through time.  My work is biocultural in nature, emphasizing the ways in which human biology and human culture interact.  In Minnesota I have directed field research in the Mille Lacs area and on the St. Cloud State University Campus.

I teach a variety of Archaeology courses, including some (such as Human Origins and Sickness & Health in Prehistory) that are explicitly biocultural in focus.  Other courses I teach on a regular basis include Introduction to Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Archaeological Lab Methods and Archaeological Analysis and Interpretation.  During alternate summers I teach the Archaeology field school.   This is a hands-on class in which students participate in a research-oriented archaeological excavation.  I also direct the Anthropological Archaeology Lab.

I have published a book about my work in Virginia, The Bioarchaeology of Virginia Burial Mounds, as well as journal and book articles about my research.  Some of my publications are:

The Bioarchaeology of Virginia Burial Mounds, University of Alabama Press. (2004)

Mestizaje and Migration: Modeling Population Dynamics in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico’s Spanish Society by H.B. Trigg and D.L. Gold.  In Engaged Anthropology: Research Essays on North American Archaeology, Ethnobotany and Museology edited by M. Hegmon and B.Eiselt. Univerity of Michigan Museum of Anthropology Press.  (Forthcoming)

Of Parsimony and Archaeological Histories: A Response to Comment by Boyd”  by J.L. Hantman, D.L. Gold and G.H. Dunham.  American Antiquity 69(3).  (2004)

“Collective Burial in Late Prehistoric Interior Virginia: Excavation and Analysis of the Rapidan Mound” by G.H. Dunham, D.L. Gold and J.L. Hantman.   American Antiquity 68(1):109-128.  (2003)

 “The Mid-19th Century Cemetery at St. Cloud State University (21-SN-0136): Excavation Report” by R.M. Rothaus and D.L. Gold.  The Minnesota Archaeologist 61:23-50.  (2002)

“The Woodland in the Middle Atlantic Region” by J.L. Hantman and D.L. Gold. Pages 270-291 in The Woodland Southeast, edited by D.G. Anderson and R.C. Mainfort.  University of Alabama Press  (2002)  

“‘Utmost Confusion’ Reconsidered: Bioarchaeology and Secondary Burial in Late Prehistoric Interior Virginia.” Pages 195-218 in Bioarchaeological Studies of Ljfe in the Age of Agriculture: A View from the Southeast, edited by P.M. Lambert, University of Alabama Press. (200)
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