Anthropology fculty: Dr. Rob Mann

Rob Mann

Assistant Professor of AnthropologyRob Mann

Ph.D. Binghamton University (SUNY)                       


I am an anthropological archaeologist with interests in historical archaeology, historical anthropology, Native America archaeology, and the North American fur trade. My current research centers on colonialism and the process of ethnogenesis (the formation of new cultural identities).  I am particularly interested in the French colonization of North America and the resulting creation of “fur trade societies” in the Great Lakes region and “creole societies” in the Lower Mississippi Valley.  I am also a public archaeologist with interests in indigenous archaeology and cultural resource management (CRM).  As a CRM professional I have worked at all levels of the field including Field and Laboratory Technician, Crew Chief, and Principal Investigator. I have conducted CRM archaeology in Indiana, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Books and Book chapters

Forthcoming  (co-editor with David Chicoine) Archaeologies of Intrusiveness. The University of Colorado Press, Boulder.

Forthcoming  (with David Chicoine) Intrusions: Incidental or Indicative Cultural Phenomena? In Archaeologies of Intrusiveness, edited by David Chicoine and Rob Mann. The University of Colorado Press, Boulder

2010  French Colonial Archaeology. In Archaeology of Louisiana, edited by Mark A. Rees, pp. 235-257 Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge.

2004  (co-editor with Sean M. Rafferty) Smoking and Culture: The Archaeology of Tobacco Pipes in Eastern North America, University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.

2004  Smokescreens: Tobacco, Pipes and the Transformational Power of Fur Trade Rituals. In Smoking and Culture: The Archaeology of Tobacco Pipes in Eastern North America, edited by Sean M. Rafferty and Rob Mann, University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.

Articles in refereed journals

2012  Plazas and Power: Canary Islanders at Galveztown, an 18th-Century Spanish Colonial Outpost in Louisiana. Historical Archaeology 46(1):49-61.

2008  From Ethnogenesis to Ethnic Segmentation: Constructing Identity and Houses in Great Lakes Fur Trade Society. International Journal for Historical Archaeology 12(4):319-337.

2008  Pointe Coupée: Recent Archaeological Investigations at an 18th-Century Colonial Settlement in French Louisiane. In Rêves d’Amériques: Regard sur l’archéologie de la Nouvelle-France/Dreams of the Americas: Overview of New France Archaeology, edited by Christian Roy and Hélène Côté, pp. 127-140. Archéologiques, Hors série 2, AAQ, Québec.

2007  “True Portraitures of the Indians, and of Their Own Peculiar Conceits of Dress:” Discourses of Dress and Identity in the Great Lakes, 1830-1850. In Between Art and Artifact, Diana DiPaolo Loren and Uzi Baram, guest editors. Historical Archaeology, 41(1):37-52.

2005  Intruding on the Past: The Reuse of Ancient Earthen Mounds by Native Americans.” Southeastern Archaeology 24(1):1-10.

2004  (with Ann B. Stahl and Diana DiPaolo Loren) Writing for Many: Interdisciplinary Communication, Constructionism and the Practices of Writing. Historical Archaeology 38(2):83-102.

1999  The Silenced Miami: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Evidence for Miami-British Relations, 1795-1812.  Ethnohistory 46(3):399-427.


ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 431/531 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology

ANTH 432/532 North American Archaeology

ANTH 438 Cultural Resource Management and Applied Archaeology

ANTH 652 Technical Writing in Anthropology

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