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What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of human nature, society and culture. It is a scholarly discipline which aims to describe, in the broadest possible sense, what it means to be human. Our program is designed to prepare students in all branches of anthropology: archaeology, the study of the remains of ancient ways of life; biological anthropology, the study of human biology and evolution; linguistic anthropology, the study of human language and how it works; and cultural anthropology, the study of the ways of life of contemporary human groups all over the world.

The Anthropology Program at St. Cloud State University

Anthropology is an important component in a liberal arts education, and our program provides important tools for living in a diverse world in which people with very different traditions come into contact. The anthropology major is excellent preparation for graduate study in anthropology, professional training in other fields, or other careers in which a broad base of understanding the human condition is useful.

The Anthropology Program is unique in that it requires students to gain actual field experience through carefully directed field schools in archaeology and cultural anthropology. After they finish their field research, students spend the following fall semester learning to write up their results so that they end up with a solid, high-quality paper, and have learned critical skills in research and writing.

Master of Science Program in Cultural Resources Management Archaeology

St. Cloud State University is delighted to offer a graduate program in Cultural Resources Management Archaeology. Our first cohort of students began in Fall, 2007. For details: CRM Masters Program


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