Recommended Training:

As part of institutional strategy, SCSU provides anti-racism and anti-discrimination training to faculty, staff and students. SCSU does continuing and periodic training of employees through the Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative to work to change the way race is comprehended and responded to. In addition, the following training programs are recommended and available online:

Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

Click this link to begin:

Two segments provide a full acquaintance with employment law applicable to SCSU as a public institution:

A) Preventing Employment Discrimination

B) Preventing Sexual Harassment - Refresher Version now available!

Discrimination Prevention training is mandatory in a number of states and is essential for every supervisor and manager as a means of equity, professional development, and risk management. SCSU administrators, supervisors, managers and new employees are required to take this training and all SCSU employees are strongly encouraged to complete this training. Understanding our basic legal obligations for nondiscrimination is part of making each of more culturally competent in understanding what is fair by objective criteria. It can help each of us be part of a more hospitable and welcoming campus.


MnSCU Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The Diversity and Multiculturalism division has developed a new resource for sexual harassment prevention training, specifically relating it to the Board of Trustees’ 1B.1 Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity policy.  The training is designed to help employees understand their responsibilities with regard to sexual harassment.  The training will assist employees in:
  • Recognizing what constitutes sexual harassment
  • Understanding their roles in preventing sexual harassment or in responding to it if it occurs
  • Reporting instances of sexual harassment

The training program is available at: It is not mandatory that you use this particular training, but this training was developed specifically for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities personnel. 


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