Advising and Registration Day

Accommodations for persons with disabilities

Should you require accommodations due to a disability, it is important you contact Student Disability Services at 320-308-4080 at least 2 weeks prior to your Advising Day.  Without timely notice, we cannot guarantee accommodations can be met. This is for requesting accommodations at the Advising Day only.

Students are required to apply for services through the Student Disability Services Office. Based on student need and consultation, the following services may be provided through the Student Disability Services Office:

  • Priority registration
  • Sign language/oral interpreting
  • Note taking
  • Alternative testing
  • Referrals to appropriate campus support series
  • Assistance in taping textbooks
  • Student support for coping with a disability in college
  • Building orientation (elevators, accessible routes, restrooms, automatic doors, etc.)
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