Advising Center

Advising Center

Advising Resources for Faculty

Training / Workshops

Advisors from the Advising Center offer training for faculty who would like to learn more about:

  • General Education
  • University academic policies
  • Degree Audit Reports (DARS)
  • Transfer Credits
  • Advising and Registration Days
  • Developmental advising

College Liaisons

Advisors in the Advising Center will serve as a liaison with the different colleges schools at SCSU.  Liaisons are charged to serve as a resource to staff in departments, schools and colleges. They also keep the Advising Center abreast of changes within each area, particularly as they might affect new students.

Intended Major Advisor Updates

The Advising Center is responsible for making advisor assignments for all students with an intended major.  Each department updates its list of advisors on a yearly basis. This list is used to assign new students and to reassign current students who have chosen intended majors within a department.

Faculty advisors who would like to serve as the advisor for a student with an intended major in their department can contact the advising center to make that request.

Declared Major Advisor Updates

The Records and Registration Office is responsible for making advisor assignments for students with a declared major.  Contact the Registrar if your department has changes to make regarding advisor assignments for declared majors.

Advising and Registration Days

The Advising Center coordinates Advising and Registration Days for all students newly admitted to the university.  Students are invited to reserve their spot for an Advising Day on our web based reservation system. 

New Entering First Year Students (NEF) are required to attend an Advising Day before they can sign up for their first semester classes.  

New Entering Transfer Students (NET) are invited to attend an Advising Day but it is not a requirement.  The Advising Center partners with advisors in academic departments to provide individual advising opportunities for all incoming transfer students.



  • E-Services Sign In – Obtain your list of advisees with their access codes (if required), degree audits, academic record (unofficial transcript) and contact information. Questions related to the degree audit may be referred to

  • Registration Schedule by earned credit priority - Access codes are no longer required during open registration except for those required by specific departments


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