Applied Education in the MedTech Industry

About ACR

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in the St. Cloud State University’s Graduate Education in Applied Clinical Research (ACR).  

This unique program focuses on the application of clinical research for the medical technology industry.

With Minnesota’s strong concentration of medtech businesses and the growing importance of clinical research in ensuring safe and effective medical products, skilled clinical research professionals are critical to industry growth and business success. Demand is high for skilled clinical research professionals even in these difficult economic times.

The Graduate Education in Applied Clinical Research program was designed by industry experts to provide the extensive knowledge and skills needed by the clinical research professional. Courses are taught by clinical research leaders with extensive practical experience working for medical device companies and leveraging the expertise of select University Professors. It's hard to imagine a program better fitted to meet the medtech industry's needs.

If you are considering a career in the clinical research profession or are looking to expand your expertise in this field you should strongly consider taking this program. Many courses are available on an independent basis. Now offers Graduate Certificates and MS degrees with internships culminating experience projects.


MS ACR brochure Graduate Education in Applied Clinical Research
Designed specifically for the medical technology industry.




$779.55 per credit for the current academic year.