Social Responsibility


Julie AndrzejewskiJulie Andrzejewski

Julie Andrzejewski is first editor with M. Baltodano and L. Symcox of Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education: Transformative Standards, Routledge, 2009. She has three chapters in this book Eucation for Peace and Nonviolence Interspecies Education for Humans, Animals, and the Earth by Julie Andzejewski, Helena Pedersen, and Freeman Wicklund, Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Eduaction:Global and Indivisible by Julie Andzejewski, Marta Baltodano and Linda Symcox. She previously edited five editions of Oppression and Social Justice: Critical Frameworks co-authored Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home co-authored with Karen Thompson. She has published articles on: alternative press, social justice education, gender justice, animal rights, global citizenship, prevention of harassment and hate crimes. Teaching Areas: Non-Oppressive Relationships, Change Agent Skills, Racial Issues, Critical Analysis of the Media, Animal Rights, Critical Analysis of Science and Technology, Advanced HURL Issues, Teaching Nonviolence and Social Justice...more

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